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Fall Convocation

Fall Convocation

Fall Convocation was an academic ceremony held at the University of Virginia from 1976 to 2018. Intermediate Honors for the Class of 2021 will be presented during the Class of 2021 Third Year Ceremony on Friday, October 18 at 4 p.m. in John Paul Jones Arena.

This is an archived website regarding past Fall Convocation ceremonies.


The Convocation Ceremony began in the earliest days of the University and was held to recognize acheivements of those in the University Community. Most recently, the ceremony recognized third-year students that received Intermediate Honors, as well as the recipients of the Thomas Jefferson Awards, the University's highest honor.

From roughly 1950 to 1976, Fall Convocation was not held. Concerned by declining attendance on Founder’s Day (held annually on April 13, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday), University President Colgate W. Darden, Jr., abolished Fall Convocation and merged the ceremony into Founder’s Day activities. By 1976, the number of students eligible for Intermediate Honors had increased and the location of the ceremony moved from Cabell Hall to the South Lawn. Due to weather concerns, it was decided that the ceremony should return to the original fall schedule.

Since 2009, attendance dropped steadily and significantly at Fall Convocation. In addition to low attendance, the criteria for awarding Intermediate Honors was adjusted at the end of the Spring semester in 2019. After consulting with leaders in the undergraduate schools, faculty, and others across Grounds, it was decided to recognize students in the Class of 2021 receiving Intermediate Honors during the Third Year Ceremony, which is planned by the Third Year Class Council. To account for this change, the Provost Office established a working group to provide recommendations on recognizing academic excellence in future years at the University.


Archived List of Speakers and Speeches

  • 1976: Bernard Mayo
  • 1977: Hugh Scott
  • 1978: Colgate W. Darden
  • 1979: Gary Wills
  • 1980: Frederick Seitz
  • 1981: Virginius Dabney
  • 1982: Josiah Bunting III
  • 1983: William Styron
  • 1984: Charles McDowell
  • 1985: Robert M. O'Neil *
  • 1986: Norman A. Graebner
  • 1987: Henry J. Abraham
  • 1988: Daniel J. Meador
  • 1989: Frank L. Hereford, Jr.
  • 1990: John T. Casteen III *
  • 1991: Richard Rorty
  • 1992: J. Jackson Walter
  • 1993: Rita Dove
  • 1994: R. K. Ramazani
  • 1995: Richard Guy Wilson
  • 1996: Bonnie Guiton Hill
  • 1997: Jahan Ramazani
  • 1998: Robert L. Kellogg
  • 1999: Matthew Holden, Jr.
  • 2000: Anita K. Jones
  • 2001: Edward L. Ayers
  • 2002: Janine Jagger
  • 2003: William B. Quandt
  • 2004: David T. Gies
  • 2005: Mark W. Edmundson (view speech)
  • 2006: William B. Harvey
  • 2007: Arthur Garson, Jr. (view speech)
  • 2008: Karin Wittenborg (view speech)
  • 2009: Meredith Jung-En Woo (view speech)
  • 2010: Teresa A. Sullivan (view speech)
  • 2011: J. Milton Adams
  • 2012: John D. Simon (view speech)
  • 2013: Dorrie K. Fontaine (view speech)
  • 2014: Gary W. Gallagher (view speech)
  • 2015: Gregory B. Fairchild (view speech)
  • 2016: Risa L. Goluboff
  • 2017: Lisa Russ Spaar (view speech)
  • 2018: Thomas C. Katsouleas (view speech)

* President's Inauguration

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  • October 31, 2003: "Thomas Jefferson Award: Dr. Robert M. Carey Receives University's Highest Honor"