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Fall Convocation

The Thomas Jefferson Awards

The Thomas Jefferson Awards are the highest honors given to members of the University community who have exemplified in character, work and influence the principles and ideals of Jefferson, and thus advanced the objectives for which he founded the University.

One award, sponsored since 1955 by the McConnell Foundation, recognizes excellence in service to the University. The other, which was established in 2009 by the Alumni Board of Trustees Endowment Fund, recognizes excellence in scholarship. Recipients must have been at the University for at least 15 years. Those who have retired are not eligible. Each award consists of a citation and a cash prize.

Nomination Information

The Thomas Jefferson Awards are presented during Fall Convocation. Fall Convocation will take place on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 2 p.m. in John Paul Jones Arena. The submission deadline for nominations for the 2018 awards is Friday, September 28, 2018.

The nomination packet requires:

  • Letter of Nomination
  • Supporting Letters – strongly encourage a minimum of four supporting letters with a maximum of ten
  • Curriculum Vita

The subject line of the nomination email should include the name of the nominee (e.g., John Smith Nomination).

For questions, send them to the Thomas Jefferson Awards Committee at or contact Pam Higgins in the Office of Major Events at 434-982-3099.

Past Recipients of the Thomas Jefferson Awards

1955    Jesse W. Beams                                 

1956    Harry Clemons                       

1957    T. Munford Boyd                    

1958    Colgate W. Darden, Jr.                      

1959    Ivey F. Lewis               

1960    Robert Kent Gooch                 

1961    Frederick D. G. Ribble                        

1962    Henry B. Mulholland              

1963    Allan T. Gwathmey                

1964    Dumas Malone                      

1965    Edgar F. Shannon, Jr.            

1966    Frank L. Hereford, Jr.            

1967    Hardy C. Dillard                     

1968    Gordon T. Whyburn               

1969    Oron J. Hale               

1970    Thomas H. Hunter                  

1971    Fredson T. Bowers                 

1972    Lawrence R. Quarles            

1973    B.F.D. Runk                 

1974    Vincent Shea              

1975    W. Dexter Whitehead                        

1976    William S. Weedon and Charles K. Woltz                     

1977    Irby B. Cauthen, Jr.                               

1978    Raymound C. Bice, Jr.                        

1979    Frederick D. Nichols

1980    Frank W. Finger                     

1981    Edwin E. Floyd                                       

1982    William H. Muller, Jr.                        

1983    Henry J. Abraham                                 

1984    Emerson G. Spies                   

1985    Norman A. Graebner                           

1986    Daniel J. Meador                   

1987    E. Mavis Hetherington                          

1988    Ray C. Hunt, Jr.

1989    Ernest C. Mead, Jr.

1990    Richard F. Edlich

1991    Hugh P. Kelly

1992    Kenneth G. Elzinga

1993    Leonard W. Sandridge, Jr.

1994    R. K. Ramazani

1995    Linda K. Bunker

1996    Edward W. Hook, Jr.

1997    B. Lewis Barnett, Jr.

1998    Kendon L. Stubbs

1999    Raymond J. Nelson

2000    David T. Gies

2001    Larry J. Sabato

2002    James F. Childress

2003    Robert M. Carey

2004    Robert E. Scott

2005    Annette Gibbs

2006    Edward L. Ayers

2007    Richard J. Bonnie

2008    John A. Blackburn and Sharon L. Hostler

2009    John T. Casteen III (service) and J. Thomas Parsons (scholarship)

2010    John L. Colley, Jr. (service) and Richard L. Guerrant (scholarship)

2011    Marva A. Barnett (service) and R. Jahan Ramazani (scholarship)

2012    Patricia M. Lampkin (service) and William B. Quandt (scholarship)

2013    Gordon M. Stewart (service) and A.E. Dick Howard (scholarship)

2014    Alexander B. Horniman (service) and Melvyn P. Leffler (scholarship)

2015    J. Milton Adams (service) and Timothy D. Wilson (scholarship)

2016    Robert D. Sweeney (service) and Jerome J. McGann (scholarship)

2017    Karen S. Rheuban (service) and John C. Jeffries, Jr. (scholarship)

2018    Richard M. Carpenter (service) and Charles A. Holt (scholarship)